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Address: 205 Walnut St. Framingham, MA 01702 - Tel: 508-872-1750

Industrial strength bootcovers created for chilly coaches.

The Cozie Tozies® bootcover design ensures hours of warmth & comfort from top to bottom.
Polartec Windbloc® combined with Polartec® Shearling Fleece creates a perfect thermal shield.
The bottom of the boot is lined with a dual layer of Polartec Windbloc® to protect your feet from the cold air which seeps up from the ice. A complete zipper runs down the front for easy lace access.
Fashionable cuff that may be flipped up for extra warmth around the ankle.
Two colors available at this time,
Black with Deep Raspberry or Black with Charcoal.
If your Tozies are not feeling Cozie after purchasing, please let us know
and we will give you your money back.


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